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Mijares, Ávila Spain

Zero Carbon Emission Offset through Reforestation Initiatives of public utility mount no 13 "el pinar" (t.m. Mijares)

In the heart of the Tiétar Valley, ZeroCarbon is proud to present the reforestation initiative at Public Utility Mount No. 13 "El Pinar," a property of the Municipality of Mijares. This project spans 200 hectares within a Special Conservation Area and Bird Protection Zone, located just north of Mijares. Notably, in 2013, a fire impacted this region, home to notable wildlife such as the imperial eagle, the black stork, and the Iberian lynx, which has been sighted with increasing regularity. Our commitment includes not only the establishment of new plantations but also their ongoing care and the assurance of annual independent evaluations. Following the initial maintenance phase, the stewardship of the forest will proceed in harmony with an established collaborative agreement. This reforestation project is currently being registered with the Registry of Carbon Footprint, Offsetting, and Absorption Projects, administered by the Ministry for Ecological Transition. This registration underscores our dedication to counterbalancing carbon footprints. With the completion of the requisite payment, our partner, Bosques Sostenibles S.L., will issue certificates verifying the rights to carbon absorption alongside comprehensive reports on the plantation's condition. These carbon absorption rights are delineated as "planned absorptions" in line with the terminology used by the Carbon Footprint Registry. At the outset, 20% of the total planned absorptions will be immediately available, following a 10% allocation to a dedicated guarantee fund. In the unlikely event of force majeure affecting the project's offsets, measures are in place to rectify any impacts using this guarantee fund. Bosques Sostenibles S.L. takes on the responsibility of accurately updating absorption data to reflect the trees' growth. Additionally, the project area will remain open for public enjoyment and for the organization of volunteer or informational activities by Bosques Sostenibles S.L., with proper notice given to the managing authorities. This initiative is a key part of ZeroCarbon's strategy to provide effective and sustainable solutions for carbon emission offsets through reforestation.




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Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge - Spain

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40 Years


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