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Negros Island

Negros Island Solar Power Project - 1735 Solar Energy Carbon Credit Generation

ZeroCarbon is a pioneer in the field of renewable energy, committed to promoting environmental sustainability through the generation of solar energy carbon credits. The Negros Island Solar Power Project - 1735 stands as a testament to this commitment, embarking on an ambitious journey with the installation of the 32 MW La Carlota Solar Power Plant and the 48MW Manapla Solar Power Plant, culminating in a total installed capacity of 80MW. These plants, envisioned as Greenfield, stand-alone power facilities, boast a gross peak generation capacity of 32 MWp and 48 MWp DC, respectively. Their purpose is to inject clean, solar-generated electricity into the grid, especially during daytime peak periods, across the entire year. The La Carlota plant is divided into two phases—18 MW and 14 MW—while the Manapla plant is a single-phase project. Together, they utilize approximately 70,000, 54,000, and 179,000 solar modules for phases 1 and 2 of La Carlota and Manapla, respectively. These modules have been meticulously designed to maximize energy efficiency. This strategic project serves to enhance peak power availability within the Visayas grid, thereby contributing to the stabilization of power supply in San Carlos City and supporting the escalating energy requirements of the region. With an average annual expected power exportation of 119,312 MWh, the project's core objective is to harness the bountiful solar energy resource and channel the generated power into the state grid. Located on the flourishing Negros Island and part of the Cebu-Negros-Panay sub-grid within the Visayas electricity grid, this project stands as a beacon of ZeroCarbon's vision—powering a cleaner, greener future.




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