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Rabigh, Saudi Arabia

R-12 Refrigerant Disposal Program | ZERO Carbon One- Tradewater International - Saudi Arabia 1.0

ZERO Carbon One's R-12 Refrigerant Disposal Program marks a significant step in our journey towards a zero-carbon footprint. This project is meticulously designed to gather and dispose of R-12 refrigerants, a crucial move towards the elimination of ozone-depleting substances and reinforcing global environmental health in line with the Montreal Protocol. Leading Technology in Hazardous Waste Management Our partner, Tradewater, has chosen A-Gas as the trusted destruction facility, which operates a cutting-edge plasma arc [Plascon] destruction unit. This sophisticated technology is capable of annihilating hazardous waste, including refrigerants, by superheating them beyond 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit, ensuring a near-perfect destruction rate of 99.99%. Verified Impact and Positive Contributions Our project's effectiveness in reducing greenhouse gas emissions has been validated against the American Carbon Registry's (ACR) stringent guidelines, meeting a materiality threshold of ±5%. The project report provides a detailed narrative of our initiative's overwhelmingly positive environmental impact, with a key focus on preventing any potential future leaks of harmful substances into the atmosphere. Compliance and Alignment with SDGs Tradewater and A-Gas are fully permitted, upholding the highest standards of environmental compliance. Our project proudly supports several Sustainable Development Goals, including: SDG #9: Bolstering resilient industrial infrastructure and fostering innovation. SDG #12: Advocating for responsible, eco-conscious consumption and production practices. SDG #13: Engaging in proactive measures to combat climate change and its effects. Our R-12 Refrigerant Disposal Program is a cornerstone of ZERO Carbon One's vision for sustainable environmental solutions, demonstrating our commitment to responsible stewardship and a cleaner planet.



Saudi Arabia

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Rabigh, Saudi Arabia

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American Carbon Registry (ACR 793)

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499 Years


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