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RAG-Enhanced AI for ESG Reporting Software

ESG Standards & Frameworks



End to End Carbon Accounting & Reporting

Scope 1, 2 & 3 Analytics & Insights



Verified Offset Projects, Evidence Backed

Transparency & Tracking



Strategic Goal Setting & Decarbonization Tracking

Data Audit & Governance



Supply chain offset & User engagement.

Stakeholder management



Land Tokenization

Real world Asset Tokenization

Zero Carbon One helps to achieve Decarbonization & Net Zero Goals by combining Al and blockchain in carbon credit markets, addressing greenwashing, double counting, price transparency, vertical silos, market fragmentation and Integrated ESGReporting.

Your end-to-end Decarbonization company & Marketplace.

Carbon Credit Buyers

Offset your carbon footprint responsibly. Our platform offers diverse methods for carbon offsetting, empowering you to choose from verified projects that make a tangible difference in combating climate change

Carbon Credit Sellers

Unlock the potential of your carbon credits. Join our platform as a seller and present your credits through a diverse array of methods, expanding your reach and fostering a sustainable future.

Build with RAG

Our AI ESG RAG platform transforms the creation of ESG reports, using cutting-edge technology for unparalleled insights and analytics, simplifying sustainability and governance reporting

ESG Sustainability Navigator

Incorporates GPT-4's advanced language models with RAG architecture to empower users to explore their ESG data through intuitive, natural language queries.

AI - Competitor Intelligence Indexing

Analyze your competitive position and measure your progress against peers, sector standards, and industry frontrunners through our sophisticated AI-powered benchmarking system.

Insight Variance AI

Identify discrepancies in your data and minimize manual inaccuracies with intelligent automation and AI-driven variance analysis.

Strategic Gap AI

Evaluates the gap between a company's existing competencies and its targeted objectives, offering a strategic blueprint and guiding resource distribution to close these divides.


More Accurate ESG Data


Human Hours Saved Point


Increased Brand Trust with ESG Reporting

11K +

Data Points


Global Climate Reporting Frameworks

Crafting Customized Corporate Reporting for Enterprises of Every Size

We ensure that companies, no matter their scale or field, can present their impact data with clarity and assurance. In the broad landscape of corporate sustainability, our solution emerges as the most radiant, directing businesses to forge narratives that echo worldwide.

Multi-Framework Reporting

Seamless Report Generation

Blockchain Publication with One-Click Submission

Expert Guided Reporting Process


International Climate Reporting Framework

Ensuring Accurate Reporting Consistently: We assist top-tier businesses in maintaining their lead on climate disclosures and current regulations through the use of tools developed by our experts in policy, climate science, and data analysis.

Carbon Credit Land Tokenization

Empowers landowners like you to play a vital role in the global fight against climate change, while potentially generating significant revenue from your land.


Create a 2% climate Impact with every Sale


Navigate the Interconnected risks of climate change

Develop a holistic view of climate risk and act with confidence by considering the Impacts of climate risk on credit ratings, debt markets, global macroeconomic outlooks and market competition


Stay ahead of physical climate-related costs and disruption

Quality the financial costs of potential damage and disruption to your facilities, infrastructure, or customer assets from climate events.


Plan through the transition to a lower carbon economy

Evaluate the potential effects of emerging policies and regulations, new competition, changes in your supply chain & evolving shareholder and customer demands

Decarbonization & Net Zero Advisory

Embrace our decarbonization consulting for impactful energy savings and a robust eco-friendly profile. Enhance your business effortlessly with intelligent, direct adjustments. Lower energy usage and refine your product's lifecycle for a strategy that favors the environment as much as your bottom line

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Supply Chain Offset

Avoid Greenwashing


Report with Pride, Not Pretexts

Seamless Integration with Automated ESG Reporting

Zero Carbon One's platform is designed to integrate seamlessly with automated ESG reporting.

This feature guarantees that every step of your carbon offset journey is recorded and reported.

Our blockchain-based tracking and transparent reporting ensure that your efforts are verifiable and impactful.

Providing a complete and transparent account of your brand's efforts in combating climate change, thereby avoiding greenwashing accusations and building trust with your customers.


Hybrid Payments


Decarbonisation Through Innovation: Zero Carbon One's Platform USPs

Comprehensive Carbon Footprint Measurement

Comprehensive Carbon Footprint Measurement: delivers an exhaustive assessment of emissions, analyzing data across all organizational activities. This deep dive into Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions allows for an actionable understanding of an organization's environmental impact.

Blockchain-Verified Offsets

The platform's blockchain technology offers a secure and unalterable record of carbon offsetting transactions, providing incontrovertible proof of a company's environmental commitments.

Carbon Credit NFTs issues Non-Fungible Tokens for each carbon credit, creating a digital ownership trail that is both transparent and easily auditable.

Seamless Integration at Point of Sale

The platform's seamless integration allows companies to engage customers in sustainability directly during the purchase process, thereby democratizing the impact of carbon offsetting.

Expert-Led Decarbonization Roadmaps

With a team of seasoned carbon experts, crafts tailored decarbonization strategies that take into account the unique emission profiles and industry nuances of each organization.

Supply Chain Decarbonization extends its reach beyond direct emissions, offering solutions for comprehensive supply chain analysis and decarbonization, ensuring that a company's environmental impact is minimized at every level.

AI-Enhanced ESG Reporting

The AI-driven ESG reporting mechanism distills complex datasets into clear, actionable reports, ensuring compliance with international standards and providing insights that drive sustainability performance.

Year-on-Year Goal Tracking

The platform's benchmarking tools allow companies to set, monitor, and achieve their sustainability targets, facilitating a clear trajectory of environmental improvement over time.

Credibility Against Greenwashing's robust verification and reporting systems help companies substantiate their environmental efforts, fostering a culture of transparency and trust with stakeholders.

End-to-End Decarbonization Platform

As a singular solution for carbon credit management, offers unparalleled convenience and effectiveness in managing and communicating a company 's carbon reduction journey.


Zero Carbon One's - GHG Carbon Accounting Calculator: Your Chief Emission Officer

Zero Carbon One's - GHG Calculator empowers brands to meticulously assess and inventory their direct and indirect emissions across Scopes 1, 2, and 3, paving the way for informed sustainability efforts.

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