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Carbon Accounting GHG Scope 1, 2, & 3 Calculator

Welcome to Zero Carbon One, your partner in achieving a sustainable future. Our proprietary Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Calculator is a pivotal tool designed to assist brands in the vital first step towards carbon neutrality: accurately calculating their emissions across Scope 1, 2, and 3. Developed through extensive research by leading scientists from IIT Delhi, our calculator is tailored to provide a comprehensive assessment of your brand's environmental impact.

Industry-Specific Calculations for Supply Chain Emissions

Understanding that different industries have unique supply chain structures and associated emissions, we've developed a detailed industry-wise calculator for indirect emissions related to supply chains. This specialized tool allows businesses to delve deeper into their Scope 3 emissions, providing a more nuanced and accurate assessment tailored to their specific industry. Whether you operate in manufacturing, retail, technology, or any other sector, our calculator adjusts to reflect the unique environmental impact of your supply chain activities.

Why Use Our Calculator?

Comprehensive: By incorporating detailed categories across all scopes and offering industry-specific calculations for supply chain emissions, our tool ensures no aspect of your emissions footprint goes unaccounted for. Scientifically Backed: Developed with expertise from IIT Delhi, our calculator is grounded in rigorous research and scientific principles. First Step Towards Sustainability: Calculating your GHG emissions is the foundational step in your journey towards offsetting and ultimately reducing your carbon footprint.

How It Works

Our user-friendly platform guides you through each step of the calculation process. Simply enter your activity data into the relevant sections of the calculator for one annual period. The tool is designed to accommodate businesses of all sizes, making it easy to estimate and inventory your GHG emissions accurately. Whether you're a small business starting your sustainability journey or a large corporation looking to refine your emissions strategy, our GHG Calculator is equipped to meet your needs.

Commitment to Sustainability

At Zero Carbon One, we believe in empowering brands to take charge of their environmental impact. By providing you with the tools and knowledge to accurately measure your GHG emissions, including the nuanced impact of your supply chain, we're taking a crucial step together towards a more sustainable and carbon-neutral future.

Explore our GHG Calculator today and take the first step towards understanding and mitigating your environmental impact.

Together, we can make a difference, one calculation at a time.