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Ecom Website API Integration for
Carbon offset

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Report with Pride, Not Pretexts - Seamless Integration with Automated ESG Reporting

Zero Carbon One's platform is designed to integrate seamlessly with automated ESG reporting. Our blockchain-based tracking and transparent reporting ensure that your efforts are verifiable and impactful. This feature guarantees that every step of your carbon offset journey is recorded and reported, providing a complete and transparent account of your brand's efforts in combating climate change, thereby avoiding greenwashing accusations and building trust with your customers.


Customised Emmisions Mission

An SKU or a Category, we model your emissions profile based on your Operations


API Integration at Checkout

Deploy our plug-&-play API thst seamlessly integrate with your checkout flow

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Reward, Engage and Empower

Partner with Zero Carbon One to elevate your brand's sustainability mission. Purchase high-quality carbon credits, assign them to your products, and invite customers to join the movement.

Partner brands not only sell but lead in sustainability by matching customer donations, doubling the impact. Every 1% contributed by shoppers is met with a brand's 1%, creating 2% investment towards verified carbon credit projects, all trackable via NFTs for transparent, impactful change.

Incentivizing Sustainable Choices

A Win-Win for all to further encourage customer participation, brands have the opportunity to repurchase these NFTs at a higher value at a later date. This not only offers a financial incentive to customers but also demonstrates the brand's ongoing commitment to sustainability.

Leverage Data for Climate Insights

Our dashboard goes beyond mere numbers; it provides deep insights into customer behaviour, allowing you to identify and engage with sustainability-focused cohorts. This data-driven approach ensures that your efforts to combat climate change are backed by real customer engagement.

Select High-Impact Projects

Choice is at the heart of our platform. You can select from a diverse range of carbon credit projects to support, each vetted for quality and impact. Our dashboard gives you the freedom to choose projects that align with your brand's vision and values.