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Iruelas Avila

Eco-Protection and Restoration of public utility mount no 60 "Valle de Iruelas" - phase 1 (t.m. El barraco)

ZeroCarbon is actively engaged in eco-protection through reforestation, exemplified by our project in Iruelas. We're implementing a protective type repopulation with a density of 2000 trees per hectare, which includes the creation of access paths and the erection of perimeter fencing. Public Utility Mount No. 60 "Valle de Iruelas" is under the stewardship of the Commonwealth Asocio de Ávila and lies within the Iruelas Valley Natural Reserve, an area distinguished for hosting a significant black vulture colony—one of the most prominent in Europe. Following a fire in 2019 that scorched the area's summit, there is an immediate need for restoration to prevent erosion and to help reestablish the region's water regulation cycle. ZeroCarbon's offering covers the entire scope of the project—from plantation and ongoing maintenance to independent third-party monitoring, with yearly reporting. As the maintenance phase concludes, the trees' management will transition according to a pre-established collaborative agreement. The project is currently in the registration process with the Registry of Carbon Footprint, Offsetting, and Absorption Projects, managed by the Ministry for Ecological Transition, providing an opportunity to counterbalance recorded carbon footprints. After payments are finalized, our partner, Bosques Sostenibles S.L., will provide a certificate that allocates the rights of carbon absorption, accompanied by a comprehensive plantation report. These rights are classified as "planned absorptions," conforming to the Carbon Footprint Registry's guidelines, with 20% of "available absorptions" accessible at the time of planting, after setting aside a 10% contribution for the guarantee fund. Should any unforeseen major events impact the project's carbon offsets, they will be reinstated through this guarantee fund. Bosques Sostenibles S.L. is committed to diligently updating absorption figures based on tree growth. The lands within the project area will be freely accessible to the public, fostering community engagement with opportunities for volunteer work or educational events, coordinated by Bosques Sostenibles S.L. and communicated in advance to the administrative bodies. This project is a vital part of ZeroCarbon's mission to deliver sustainable environmental solutions through reforestation.




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Iruelas Avila

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Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge - 2021-b186

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39 Years


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