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Capelinha, Brazil

Aperam Bioenergia - Carbon Offset Solutions with High-Quality Biochar

ZeroCarbon is aligned with innovative climate action strategies, now featuring high-quality biochar solutions through a partnership with Aperam BioEnergia. This Brazilian leader in the forestry and renewable energy sectors operates a significant charcoal production of approximately 420,000 tons per year, with advanced emissions control in the northeast region of Minas Gerais, Brazil. The company manages around 156,000 hectares of both planted (boasting FSC Certification) and native forests that harbor remarkable biodiversity and yield substantial economic benefits for local communities. In a pivotal shift from its previous operations where excess charcoal not utilized in Aperam's industrial processes was sold for energy purposes, mainly to cement industries, the Biochar project marks a transformative step. This initiative redirects the material to enhance the soil within Aperam BioEnergia's own forests, turning biochar into a powerful agent for atmospheric carbon removal and a vital element for enhancing soil health. This sustainable baseline shift, fueled by carbon removal revenue, enables Aperam BioEnergia to incorporate biochar as a key element of its future business model. Biochar is poised to play a critical role, not just in carbon sequestration, but also in boosting forest productivity through improved soil properties, enhancing production process efficiency, and fostering local socio-economic growth. The project safeguards against the potential replacement of energy previously derived from char combustion with fossil fuels, thanks to Brazil's abundant and cost-effective renewable energy resources. Aperam BioEnergia presently boasts a biochar production capacity of approximately 30,000 tons per year, with the potential for expansion in response to market demand, thus reinforcing Sustainable development goals to support scalable and sustainable carbon offset solutions.




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Aperam Bioenergia Biochar

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