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Methane Mitigation Project: Orphaned Gas Well Plugging in Dubois County | ZERO Carbon One -Tradewater- OOG-1US Methane #1

ZERO Carbon One, in partnership with Tradewater, is undertaking a critical environmental restoration project aimed at mitigating climate change by addressing methane emissions in Dubois County, Indiana. Our joint initiative involves the sealing of five orphaned gas wells, a proactive step towards significantly reducing methane leakage—a potent greenhouse gas contributing to global warming. High-Efficiency Emissions Control Leveraging the technological prowess of A-Gas, Tradewater is employing a high-precision plasma arc [Plascon] destruction unit. This facility is renowned for its capacity to destroy hazardous waste, including refrigerants, at extreme temperatures above 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit, delivering an exceptional 99.99% destruction rate. Verification and Environmental Benefits The effectiveness of our methane reduction efforts has been thoroughly verified, adhering to the American Carbon Registry’s (ACR) materiality threshold of ±5% for the project's greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reductions or enhancements. Our project plan presents a detailed account of the net positive environmental impacts, primarily focusing on the prevention of ozone-depleting substances (ODS) from entering the atmosphere. Commitment to Compliance and Sustainability Both Tradewater and A-Gas maintain all the necessary environmental permits, reflecting our joint commitment to responsible and compliant operations. This project is a testament to our dedication to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): SDG #9: Building resilient infrastructure and fostering innovation. SDG #12: Ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns. SDG #13: Taking decisive action to combat climate change and its impacts. With this Methane Mitigation Project, ZERO Carbon One is not just contributing to a reduction in GHG emissions but is also promoting community safety and health by preventing potential environmental hazards.



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