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Saint-Vulbas, France

Halon Recovery and Destruction Initiative | ZERO Carbon One - Tradewater Halon 2

ZERO Carbon One is committed to environmental preservation through our Halon Recovery and Destruction Initiative. This critical project is focused on the collection of Halon 1211 and Halon 1301, two substances with high ozone-depleting potential, which are then securely transported to a qualified destruction facility. Advanced Destruction Technology In partnership with Tradewater and utilizing the facilities of A-Gas, we implement the most advanced destruction methods available. A-Gas's plasma arc [Plascon] destruction unit operates at temperatures exceeding 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit, guaranteeing a 99.99% effectiveness in eradicating hazardous waste, including Halon compounds. Rigorous Verification and Positive Impact Our project has undergone rigorous verification, meeting the American Carbon Registry’s (ACR) stringent standards within a ±5% materiality threshold for emissions reductions or enhancements. We've crafted a project plan that outlines the substantial environmental benefits, with a strong emphasis on preventing any potential Halon leakage into the atmosphere, thereby protecting our ozone layer and contributing to climate health. Compliance and Sustainable Development Goals ZERO Carbon One, together with Tradewater and A-Gas, maintains full environmental permits for all operations, reflecting our unwavering commitment to sustainable environmental management. Moreover, our initiative is in line with several Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), such as: SDG #9: Promoting resilient infrastructure and fostering innovation. SDG #12: Ensuring responsible consumption and production patterns. SDG #13: Taking urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts. Through the Halon Recovery and Destruction Initiative, ZERO Carbon One demonstrates not only our dedication to a zero-carbon world but also our active contribution to a more sustainable and responsible global community. Take part in our journey towards environmental stewardship and join us in our efforts to create a cleaner, safer planet.




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Saint-Vulbas, France

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American Carbon Registry (ACR 889)

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499 Years


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